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Raising the Roof!

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Mt. Baker Roofing

raising the roof! 

Final Amount Raised for the Roof!


Grounded in Faith – YES WE ARE!

In 2022 we began the Grounded in Faith campaign, with the goal of:

1) decommissioning our 40-year-old septic system and connecting our Unity Center to the City sewer system

2) replacing our 40-year-old failing roof with a new roof, facia, gutters, gutter guards, and siding. 

Our two-part fund-raising effort is now complete!  The sewer hookup and all roof repairs are COMPLETE!! Basically, We Did It!  (High Fives and hugs to all!)


Gratitude Abounds.  I know that many of you pushed a bit to move some personal funds to support these infrastructure projects for our home Center – it was out of love for our community and in excitement for the good journey we are on. Some of those checks were given with a deep breath, a call to courage, and with a firm faith in Divine Order unfolding in our personal lives.  We share an inspired vision for the beauty and good that Unity in Bellingham brings.  I often felt humbled by your graciousness and inspired by your felt connection to Divine Abundance.


Along with gratitude, let's also sink into other energies – Joy and Expectation. As a community, we are being sent by Source Divine. Sent on personal spiritual journeys, sent to love and support our Unity community’s spiritual unfolding, and sent to the greater Bellingham and Whatcom region to be expressions of love and peace to our world. We let go of fear, anxiety, and any sense of lack, and are resurrected to deepened love, transformation, profound trust, compassion & service.  We are poised for a fulfilling life and, yes, lots of joy.   I am so happy to be living this adventure with you all.  We’ve been here 60 years+ and we are grateful to all who got us here.  Now it’s time for us to shine!  Let’s bring it!  Wow, what a journey. It’s just so good.   

Rev. Frank

roof pics 3.jpg

The new roof is looking good!

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