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Sewer and Roof Replacement

Our 35-year-old building is now asking us for some TLC - it needs a new sewer system and a new roof. We have the opportunity to replace the original and failing septic system with a new sewer hookup, which is possible due to the project the City of Bellingham is doing on our street starting sometime this year.

Meanwhile, the original roof's lifespan is an an end, and it needs to be replaced. While water is essential to life, we don't want it entering our building through the leaks in the roof!

Raising our Roof, Raising our Consciousness

In this fundraising effort our focus is not on dollar amounts given. We can also practice expanding our perceptions of who we are and what we are here for! We can say YES to the Divine Presence within through which confidence, power, and expansive joy flows. Our goal is to have full participation of our congregation so everyone can experience the fullness of this worthwhile project. Everyone matters, everyone counts. Together, let's raise the consciousness of our abundance, gratitude, and faith in our ability to be Christ centered peacemakers, light-bringers, and community makers. There is no gift too large or too small to be offered. How do we nurture the life of the congregation! of course, we do it together. We can do this - and be in Joy the whole way there!

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As you know major replacements are needed on a structure after 20-30 years. Septic systems are generally built to last 25-30 years. Our septic system is over 40 years old.

There are two events that are giving us the "Divine Nudge" to finally hook up to the Bellingham City sewer system. 

       1. The city of Bellingham is scheduling road improvements all along Telegraph Road some time in the next year. It makes sense to connect with the sewer before the city buries it under their improvement project. Neither we nor the city want the added expense and work that would cause by waiting and doing it later.

       2. Our septic system was inspected recently, and we were told that our septic and drain field are old and will be needing to be upgraded. That cost out weighs what the cost will be for the hook up to the city sewer.

Therefore, we are announcing our Grounded in Faith Campaign to move forward in faith to attach our sewer to the city system. We affirm that the funds we need to complete this project will flow through us and to us. 

Our goal for the sewer project, called the Sludge Fund, is to raise $15,000 in 14 weeks. The good news is that our Sludge Fund is already seeded with $3,000. We only need to raise $12,000. As you know maintenance costs are separate from operating costs. We need you to consider donating above your usual tithing amount that keeps the doors open. One way of looking at the possibility of raising this amount is to know that if thirty people donate $36 a week for 14 weeks, we will reach our goal! A campaign poster has been created to keep us appraised of our weekly progress. We have thirty pieces of pipe each designating $500. Each week, we will fill in the amount that has been donated to show our progress. 

Update on the totals: As of April 6, we have raised $15,784!

We did it! Keep your pledges coming in!


Can we just fix the problem area? Eventually all sewer systems need to be replaced. We cannot "fix" an outdated sewer problem. We need to repair bigger source issues by replacing the system.

How old is the septic system that we have now?  The septic tank and drain field were put in around 1979. It could vary in age from 35-43 years old.

When will construction be started and completed? We are hoping to begin in the next couple of months and construction will last a brief time. The dates will be finalized when the Sludge Fund is complete.

What happens if we do not meet our campaign fundraising goal? The various components of the proposed project scope would have to be re-evaluated, prioritized, and matched to the available funding. We would also consider other options if the board of directors sees necessary.

How long is the pledge commitment? We are asking everyone to consider making a 14-week pledge beginning March 6 through June 5, 2022.

We don't pledge annually, but we are regular contributors. We plan on contributing to the campaign as well. Do we need to submit a pledge card? The scope of the project will be impacted by the amount pledged and requires that we plan for various costs in advance, which is why we urge you to submit a pledge card to support the project.

What other significant projects are likely to be proposed in the future, and what is the likelihood that another campaign pledge request will be made again?  We can say for sure that beyond the sewer project, there is the roof. Eventually all roof systems need to be replaced. We do not need to do it all at once. The board of directors and church leadership have been diligent about addressing major building and facility concerns. We have created this grounded in faith campaign to help fund major building and grounds projects.

Let’s Work Together

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To donate using a credit card, click below, or call the office @ 360-733-2270 to find out other ways that you can donate.