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Everyday Miracles   Moments of Healing and Transformation

Stories to warm the heart and inspire us with wonder... a moving testimony to our power to make miracles happen in everyday life. This collection of original short stories was contributed by a group of seasoned travelers- wisdom keepers- who've walked through the proverbial fire to discover what is possible in life when guided by spirit. The forty-two authors share their favorite miracle stories, along with affirmations, guided meditations, and tools for self-healing.

You will read stories about astonishing recoveries from life-threatening illness, spontaneous healing, and safe passage through war zones. Miracles arise as well from a sudden shift in perception-a moment of grace that forever changes one's life. Everyday Miracles, Moments of Healing and Transformation will inspire you to be a miracle worker in your own life.

The authors of Everyday Miracles emphasize the importance of listening to our inner voice for guidance. They show the importance of listening to the body's wisdom to guide the healing process and make choices in life. And they show they show the importance of paying attention to seemingly random signs and events.

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A Course in Miracles


It is important for you to know that this is the only complete original edition of A Course in Miracles that the Scribe, Dr. Helen Schucman, authorized to be published by the Foundation for Inner Peace in 1975.
Other books with titles such as "The Original Edition" or the "Unedited Edition" contain unsanctioned material from a first or second draft of the Course which Dr. Schucman deleted since it was not meant to be part of the published Course. 
Only this edition from the Foundation for Inner Peace includes the following copyrighted material: the " Preface", "the Clarification of Terms", and "the Supplements", which Dr. Schucman also scribed. The Supplements are extensions of the Course principles and are titled "Song of Prayer" and "Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process and Practice." 
The Course, as it is published in this edition and used by three million students worldwide, is a complete self-study spiritual thought system that teaches forgiveness as the road to inner peace and the remembrance of God.

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The Way of Mastery 


Here it is: the long-awaited The Way of Mastery: The Way of the Heart. The Way of the Heart Kindle edition is perfectly portable ~ take it with you for inspiration wherever you go. 

The profoundly rich 12 lessons of The Way of the Heart are the first of 35 formal lessons given by Jeshua ben Joseph during the years 1995-1997. May the deep spiritual insight, knowledge, and lovingkindness contained in this volume guide and inspire you toward living a life of Unconditional Love.

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