Affirmations For Meditation

& Simple Encouragement

October Affirmation

Inner Peace

I pause; I breathe; I enter a sanctuary of peace.


By faith, I perceive the true and real within every circumstance.


Centered in divine life, I flourish in every way.


I am one with and now realize divine abundance.

World Peace

I am at peace with all humanity


        FROM DAILY WORD JANUARY 30, 1933

God has blessed me with a spirit of praise and thankfulness, and I rejoice in the good that constantly flows in to my life.

There is inherent in each of us a spirit of praise and blessing and the desire to express our joy and gratitude for all the good that we are constantly receiving.

When someone gives us something or does a kind deed for us, our first impulse is to thank him and in some way show our gratitude for the blessings received. This is because God has implanted within each of us a spirit that rejoices and gives thanks for our good. As we show our joy and gratitude for blessings received we are in a true sense praising and giving thanks to God. Daily there is something new to rejoice in and some new blessing that fills the heart with thanksgiving.

Let us begin in a spirit of praise. As we give thanks for our blessings we lifted into a joyous, receptive state of mind wherein we put in action the low of increase and open the way for all the good we desire.

Enter into his gates with thanksgiving.  ~~Psalm 100:4 (A.V.)

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