Brothers in Unity

Meet Following Every Sunday Service


We Brothers in Unity awaken age-old traditions of blessed brotherhood through our true friendship and mutual support. Caring and sincere men always discover gentle truths about each other and themselves in this sharing time. Come and feel welcomed in your own Unity Brotherhood for this sacred hour.  

~Men's Pancake Breakfast

June 14 (after service)

Red Tent Circle

We are made up of powerful girls and women of all ages. We come together to nurture one another through friendship, laughter, storytelling, music, and other artistic expression. We honor our divine feminine energy at special events such as the Spring & Fall Equinox and Summer & Winter Solstice Celebrations. When we support each other there is nothing we can't do!

~ March 13 & 14 Spring Equinox

More info to come

~ June 20 Shakti Dinner

More info to come

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