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I am the only one creating my reality.

Wouldn't you want to blame someone else for dropping your newly purchased eggs on the ground right after purchasing them or tell the sidewalk that it was its fault for causing you to trip and look stupid to the world around you? Who or what is really the cause of this chaos you ask? The answer: It would be you. No one else truly understands what you are feeling, what you have been through or where your mind is in the present moment. Only you have the power to understand "your present moment".

If you were upset with someone else or angry for any reason while you were purchasing your eggs and not paying attention to standing in front of the checker or the person bagging your groceries...while you were a million miles away scorning the person in your head and boom... the eggs hit the floor as a reminder for you to come back to the present moment to deal with it. To clear it and move on before getting into your automobile and possibly hurting someone else. When we don't take responsibility for what we create, terrible things can happen.

There is another choice you could be making; like "what am I thinking to cause this? What do I feel in my body and where do I feel it? These feelings are signals attempting to tell you something so you can make a different choice instead of letting rage or fear take over your life.

Be kind to yourself, mistakes are opportunities to do things differently. Check-in often with Self, when you begin asking your divine self or higher self, (not your ego) what is the lesson to be learned here, you will be amazed by the simple answer. Be still and listen, the answer will present itself. Just be aware and in the present moment, a most precious gift.

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