Recap of our most successful events of 2018!

As I reflect on the last year, I’ve realized that so many cherished memories have sprouted here at the Unity Center of Bellingham.

Our community has grown and I feel real connections being created here every week. As we gather every Sunday- a majority of us have been digging into volunteer positions and stepping up to hosting events. As we become inspired by each other, we regain a sense of home, of love and acceptance. Back in January we dove into Keys to the Kingdom. Our Minister Bob Trask took us deep within ourselves to cultivate the abundance and grace to go forward in our lives as high vibrational aspects of our human family. The course dug up old habits and recreated a new foundation for giving more of ourselves everyday.

Diving into beginning of the year- the Red Tent Retreat in March was a big one for our Women of Unity. Gathering and evolving together was the purpose of this event. Giving each other the space to simply be enjoyed by other empowered women, left a priceless impression on our sweet community here in Bellingham. As we approached April, our first New To You Sale was one of the highlights of the year! We all put so much love and effort into making this a successful event. And it definitely was! We made over $5,000 and when we did the one towards the end of the year we made way over that first amount. Go team!

Throughout 2018 we had some really essential ongoing events that we hope you got a chance to experience as a Unity Member. Sound Healing events have been a game changer for a handful of our congregants. With the power of Sound, Intentional breathing and Meditation we have the opportunity to tune up our Chakra systems and be a brighter light in this world. Every last Friday you can experience this!

Yoga, Guided Meditation, Reiki classes are the meat and potatoes of our ever-evolving space here as well. We strive to hold space for your healing. When we take the time to heal ourselves, we are in-fact healing the world and those around us. Stepping into the last half of our year, in Se

ptember we reflected on the passing of our dearest Kate Marvel. She was a golden light and a dear Mother in our community. May her energy stay with us always. She will be remembered and cherished. By October we had a very special guest by the name of Dr. Saul Shaye. He is a world- renowned Spiritual Healer and took a couple days out his busy touring schedule to do private healings and dive in with us for that Sunday Service. What a powerful time that was- thank you Dr. Shaye!

These last couple months have been a whirl-wind for most of us “Mover’s and Shaker’s” here at the Center. With Holiday Sales, Concerts and Winter Solstice Spiral walks for our lovely Women; we really hit the nail on the head. Creating peace and priceless memories has been our main focus. I give thanks for all of our AMAZING light workers and I know that we are really creating a new platform of beauty in our Bellingham area. With the power of Social Media and word of mouth- here’s to a potent and vibrant 2019.

May you all be well and nurtured!

With ever-flowing love and inspiration,

Anastasia Lotus

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