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How you can help our USC community grow on a weekly basis~

This year I’m really making it a point to spread the news about all the amazing things we have going on here at the center.

There’s so many ways we can share our special community with the world. Majority of us have some form of social platform, wether it be directly by phone, email or facebook. This day in age we have to utilize these interfaces in order for our community to grow.

I envision us with more families getting involved, more single parents and everyone in between. This space we have is a sanctuary. A place where we can come, be comforted and seek solace. How can we inspire others to dive in and enjoy the journey with us?

Well honestly by word of mouth. By calling up your 3 friends that live in the area and genuinely express how honored you would be to have them come check it out. It’s our responsibility to reach outside our comfort zone and take action.

If you have a facebook, instagram, link’d in, or even twitter- you have an opportunity to share a piece of us with the world. Every Wednesday Bob and I go LIVE from our Facebook page. It’s called Wisdom Wednesdays and we have really been gaining momentum on this project. To reach more people, inspire our community and help transform lives- one LIVE at a time. If you are interested in checking out our videos you can find them archived on our FB page- we would be so delighted if you checked them out, made some comments and shared to your page. Waaa laaa! Nothing to it. But we really do depend on us individuals to cultivate a sense of awareness around desiring for our community to grow. So how are you going to take the inspiration that you receive on Sundays- and blast it out into the world? We came here to spread light. So find a comfy spot at a cafe and connect in. Share why you love coming to Unity. Help us expand!

-Love and light

Anastasia Lotus (USC Social Media)

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