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The Way of Knowing

This month’s theme is The Way of Knowing, which comes from our Tuesday morning Way of Mastery study group – a place where we are experiencing constant miracles. All are welcome so if you hear your spirit calling, you are most welcome to join us at 10am Tuesday mornings.

Have you noticed that when looking directly at a dim star, it disappears? And then looking slightly to its side, it reappears? It’s similar in trying to communicate about consciousness; words try to focus on it, but they just cannot describe our beingness. Music does a better job but we often dismiss music because it lacks information and our brain-minds live on information. But the heart-mind does not need information; it sees and appreciates reality as it is. When you swim deeply into meditation or music with others you all become transcendent; you don’t need words; you simply understand one another.

This is why we come together for Sunday services, classes, meditations, study groups, tai chi and yoga; so we can awaken together. When I meditate alone I experience bliss, when I meditate with you I experience blissful love. Maybe this month you can shake yourself lose from your demanding schedule and come join us for a joyous celebration of your own expanding consciousness.

With love and gratitude,

Brother Bob

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