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Most of you may realize that I really don't consider myself a church going person. Yet week after week I show up at Unity. So I started to reflect on what is actually the truth around these seemingly conflicting actions and beliefs.

I began to feel a warmth rising within me. It is gratitude. Gratitude to the people at Unity who accept me the way I am and how I am. I know I have many lessons to learn, many people at Unity are great teachers for me.

Unity is not a church to me, it is a place where I may, in some small way, be helping to make the world a better place. The people at Unity are helping me be a better human at the same time.

So, I am not a church going person and yet I will show up at Unity week after week.

The universe is the rose of God.

The universe is not the fixed and finished work of a Master Maker, who made it, and the things in it as a watchmaker makes a watch. The universe is a living organism, unfolding from within, creatively expressing the creative Spirit of God, from the smallest particle to the largest galaxy continually breathing, growing, expanding through space and time and mind and spirit, with no end or limit to the possibility of development.

And I, too, am the rose of God. ~James Dillet Freeman

In gratitude,

Kelly’s Husband

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