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There is Power in Those Lives that Heal

Are we afraid of the constant increase of nuclear weapons? New and deadly diseases cropping up every few months? The increasing likelihood of another world war? The snowballing disasters of climate change? That our government may now be damaged beyond repair?

Every one of those situations is curable by us. But we cannot help if we allow the darkness of those situations to steal our focus and thereby eclipse our sacred purposes. We must trust in Love, and not be dragged behind that garbage truck.

Of the 7.7 billion people on our planet, how many do we think are good, holy and beautiful? Common sense tells us that at least 98% of our brothers and sisters want the same things we do: joy, abundance in daily life, the ability to laugh and to have loving families. There is power in those lives that heals all!

Let’s not focus then on the tiny darkness that hangs on the edges, because when we do, we increase it. Let’s instead each become responsible to our great and loving human family by creating a pouring out of love that heals fear. Let us concentrate on the vast goodness, holiness and beauty that permeates our world so that the garden within us awakens.

Brother Bob

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