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I am pleased to present: An Afternoon to Benefit Bel-West Cat Rescue and Adoption on Saturday, May 11, 2019, right here at Unity Spiritual Center! 3:00 Tea and Cupcakes by Cat 4:00 Piano Concert with me, Kate Moody Admission is $20, which includes one raffle ticket. Improve your chances of winning the prize - and helping cats - by buying additional raffle tickets for $5.00 each! You can purchase tickets from Kate, Zella, or Jene, and tickets will also be available at the door.

Her is the official press release: On Saturday, May 11, pianist and composer Kate Moody will present a concert to benefit Bel-West Cat Rescue and Adoption, a Whatcom County non-profit, no-kill pet shelter.

Zella Chapman, operator of Bel-West, has always cared for in animals-in-need. She began her efforts forty years ago operating as “Zella’s Cat Palace.” Twenty years she organized as Bel-West Cat Rescue and Adoption, a non-profit, no-kill shelter. Bel-West provides medical care, including spaying/neutering, and safe shelter, for any animal in need. Bel-West maintains relationships with We-Snip, NOAH, and Creature Comforts, supporting humane trapping, treatment and release of feral animals. Bel-West also partners with PetSmart, where potential forever families can meet cats that are available for adoption. Bel-West screens adoptive families with a well-honed application process, ensuring that the cats and humans are a happy match.

Pianist and composer Kate Moody has produced six CDs of her work, ranging from solo piano to symphonic pieces. Her music is inspired by nature and by her studies of spiritual philosophy - “Being attentive to the field of awareness” (Amit Goswani). Her orchestral album “The Seeker,” won the Just Plain Folks Best Instrumental Album Award. Scores of her Mystical Romantic music for piano, instrumental ensemble, choir, orchestra, and art song are made available by CoCo Lounge Presents.

The raffle basket will contain a CD recording of a hand-picked selection of animal-related music by Kate Moody, a gift certificate from PetSmart, animal art, books, and jewelry, a pet toy from Bow Wow and Woofs, and other special surprises.

MAY MUSIC LINE-UP May 5 Quiet Fire! May 12 Resonance, the Unity Spiritual Center vocal ensemble, will sing an arrangement of John Denver’s “The Gift You Are.” May 19 Welcome back Cheryl Hodge. May 26 Decatur Sinclair sings a musical offering.

MIDWEEK OASIS “Journeys,” with guitarist Michael Mandrell. Wednesday, May 29, 6:00 p.m. Enjoy the sublime sounds of Michael’s guitar compositions, contemplative readings, and a guided meditation.

With love and gratitude, Kate

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