Celebration of Life

I went to a lovely Celebration of Life for a long time Unity member, Alita Walton, recently.

There was a feeling of love everywhere in the gathering. One of the songs played was from Neil Diamond.

When I was younger a Neil Diamond song was how I discovered Richard Bach. Bach and Diamond were great teachers for me and many others. It is amazing when our minds connect to long misplaced files, when you smell something, see a flicker of color, or hear a song.

The Neil Diamond song during the celebration reminded me of Girl Scouts in my youth singing around a campfire a song about love being nothing until you give it away. Then I had a thought that Diamond had sung a song just recently that was about giving love away. I did what everyone does, I Googled it.

The song was from 2014. It was an animated romance poem recited more than sung. I felt tears in my eyes listening to the truth of it. My mind does not know when I could have heard it, only that I did. It is a gift that wells up within all of us if we can get out of the way. All that matters is that we give love away, it does not matter what the outcome is. If you are able to let your love venture out into the world we will all live in a better place!

Last verse

The truth was clear, Love's not a place you go to find It lives in here (us).

Just leave it space, give it time,

I learned that I could stumble and maybe fall. I learned in being humble I'd have it all. A brand new way to live. That love's not what you have but what you give

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