Right here, Right Now

April 21, 2020

My best day is one free from all regrets, doubts and fears. And after a lifetime of seeking, I have finally arrived at the humblest of all awarenesses—being in the present. Does that sounds too simple to be this profound? I thought so too—for years. But now it fits like the lost piece of a puzzle, because only in the here and the now can the presence of Great Spirit – Creator of all Universes, awaken in me, as me. That is an experience that can only exist in the here and in the now. Yet, breaking the habit of pasting and futuring—and focusing instead on this precise place where my pen is writing the story of my life takes discipline. I cannot write truth when I am focused on the dried ink behind me or on events that might happen. I must redirect my thinking from fantasies of what should have been, and what might someday be, to what is—right here, right now. How do I do that? By waking myself up each time I slip from truth into fantasy. I repeat my mantra sometimes a hundred times a day: I am right here, right now!

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