Ha Ha! Funny

April 24, 2020

Yesterday we talked about fun, about humor and laughter and I promised you a joke today. A bagpiper was hired to play a funeral service and on the way he got lost. When he finally arrived, he saw that the hearse and family were gone and only the diggers were still there, eating their lunches. Feeling terrible for being late, he apologized to the men, then went to the side of the grave, looked down and saw that the vault lid was already in place. He played anyway, played Amazing Grace the very best he could.

Then the diggers left their lunches and gathered around him, so he played on, played now with his whole heart and soul. He played so beautifully the workers began to weep and soon even he was weeping. When he finished, he shook hands around and went to his car with a full and happy heart. When he reached his car, he heard a digger say,

"I ain’t never, never seen that before—not even after nearly twenty years of puttin’ in these septic tanks."

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