Acceptance of What Is

May 2, 2020

Having just returned to the boat from a dive off the Kona Coast and pulled off my tank, I saw a whale surface only two hundred feet away. I had seen whales closer, but never had I felt called by one. I grabbed my mask, swam quickly to the area, and looked down. There, on the bottom, thirty feet below me, lay a mother and her calf. As I swam down to them, she reached out a fluke and tucked her baby against her. I swam to her head, I met her gaze, and was stunned by what I saw—she had been waiting for me! She was looking into me with the kindness and caring of a close friend. I felt her smile and within moments, I was feeling the same for her; I was changing into someone I had never known. We lay next to each other, that mother and me, sharing our relationship for nearly two minutes—in a peace deeper than the sea. Finally, I went back up to breathe and she moved on.

How can we prepare for such incidents? How do we become worthy of blessings like these? I think the answers are meditation, mindfulness, and daily acceptance of what is.

As Mother’s Day approaches, I know one great mama that will always be part of my life. I wonder—can she be a part of yours too?


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