May 4, 2020

My friend Bill Smith and I began climbing a cliff above the rocky shore. Bill was a good rock climber; I was barely a novice. As we climbed and I learned to use my fingers and toes, I was slowly tiring but pushing on. Then, about five feet from the top, I saw that Bill was already up, watching me. My arms were shaking then and the sandstone at this level had turned soft, often breaking away under my weight. I became afraid—there was no way down and I felt, no way up. “Shake off the fear,” Bill called down; “Just focus your mind on being up here!” Hanging there that afternoon, I discovered the most vital key to any achievement, one that changed my life. Unless my commitment had replaced my doubts and fears, I would not be here writing this. Yet the only thing that changed on that cliff was my attitude; I watched my commitment create a determination that no crumbling sandstone would control my fate! I was newly empowered; I found solid hand and toe holds and made my way to the top. I have known since that we cannot allow doubt and fear to erode our strengths; not while commitment is available to bring forth the powers of the Universe.

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