Does this story have a moral?

Does this story have a moral?

A small business owner owed a large debt to a crooked loan-

shark who told the man he would forgive the debt in exchange for his daughter; the businessman refused. So, the loan shark made him another offer: he would put into a bag a white and a black stone and then the daughter would pull one out. If it was black, the debt would be erased, but the daughter would be his. If it was white, the debt would also be erased, but the daughter would be free. Many people from the village stood watching as the loan-shark selected two pebbles from the stony path and dropped them into the bag. Only the daughter noticed that the stones he picked were both black. She thought: “I have three choices: -I can refuse to play, -I can take out both stones and embarrass him, or I can pick a black one and sacrifice myself for my father.” -Then another choice occurred to her: she reached in and pulled out a stone but before looking at it, dropped it onto the stony path. “Oh, my clumsiness!” she said, “But it’s okay; we’ll just look at the one in the bag and we’ll know which one I picked.” The stone in the bag was clearly black, and with the village watching, the loan-shark had no choice but to excuse the girl and to erase her father’s debt.

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