Route to Success

May 6, 2020

Mary and I went to see a show in Reno. Part of the performance

was a man with his tiger—an amazingly beautiful animal. Mary leaned to me and whispered; “I’ll go pet that tiger.” “Sure, you will,” I kidded. “I am,” she nodded. After the show she took off and I followed, first to an official of whom she asked direction to the tiger. He pointed to a large door at the back wall, “But no one is allowed back there.” “Thank you,” she smiled, and off we went. The guard at the door said, “Whoa, no one goes through here.” “It’s okay,” she smiled, “I’m going back to pet the tiger.’ He looked a little stunned, then he opened the door. We went down a long hallway, being told by several officials as we went that we could not be back there. She always smiled, “It’s okay I’m going to pet the tiger.” And on we went. When we finally got to the tiger’s cage it seemed the trainer was waiting for us. He introduced Mary to his pet then told her all about him. Then she pets the beautiful cat and he purrs. I will never forget this story: In one-hour Mary demonstrated for us the precise, and only true route to success. She showed that nothing can stop us when we already know we will win. Like water following a streambed, our creative power flows into us along the path of our assuredness.

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