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May 20, 2020

While many factors of this pandemic are beyond our control, there is one thing we can do to thrive and also to bring real value to our lives. That answer is friends. Talking with people who want to hear our feelings changes us, gives us a sense of purpose, relaxes nervous systems, slows heartbeats, and even makes breathing easier. And those benefits occur whether we’re discussing the pandemic or something more pressing. Here’s the test: When we hang up the phone do we feel recharged, or is there a darkness? If so, maybe we skipped mentioning the most important thing: our feelings about what’s happening to us.

Could it be… 1- We haven’t yet allowed ourselves to feel what’s happening to us?

2- We are reluctant to share our vulnerability with others?

Joy and wellness come from connecting with others; truly listening to them and then trusting enough to open our own hearts. And here’s good news: There don’t need to be solutions, just connecting with someone who listens and cares makes our lives happier.

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