Yes you can!

Tell those who say you’re too old, too young, the wrong race, the wrong gender; tell them to go ask Tara Lipinski her thoughts. This fourteen-year-old girl challenged the veteran superstar skaters of the world and beat them in The World Skating Championship. A fluke? The next year she again faced them all, this time in the Olympics, and they were ready for her; yet again they underestimated that wisp of a girl; Tara Lipinski overcame the best skaters in the world and became the youngest person in Olympic history to win a Gold Medal. There are only three differences between Tara Lipinski and most of us: 1- She had a vision she loved and to which she committed. (Dare to believe in your dream.) 2- She had a support team who believed in her vision. (Isn’t it time now to recruit?) 3- Neither her nor her team ever weakened their resolve. (Own it, live it and achieve it!) (Yes you can! And if not now… when?)

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