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We Americans defend the right to think our own thoughts and go our own ways; our brothers and sisters died for that right. Now though, it may be time to rethink those rights - because unless we share them equally, they are not rights -but the leverages of some over others. None of us is so blind that we do not see black and brown people having less opportunity than whites, and being more often unfairly treated. None of us can any longer pretend; George Floyd’s murder hit us so hard that we cannot now look away. The question then is what can we do? Well, the minority races did not create this situation, and it is not theirs to fix. It is our own prejudices that must now heal. Since our silence is the curse that allowed this contempt to grow; then no more may we be silent in the face of discrimination. What a marvelous time this is to heal together! Today I commit to the cleansing of prejudices within me and my society. Will you join me?

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