Let There Be Peace

Every Sunday for years we have been singing, Let There Be Peace On Earth and Let It Begin With Me. It is easy and fun to sing but what does it mean? -How does peace begin with me? Simply this: It is time to actually become peace. Wars, whether between countries or with ourselves, are our methods of reacting to fear. Those reactions are tangled in our hearts, in our old attitudes of disrespect, prejudice, and dislike that we accept as normal parts of ourselves. We might try becoming peaceful by changing our behaviors, which works for a time, but our old unchanged beliefs will dance out at the first sign of fear to attack and corrupt the relationships with ourselves and with others. God is love and so are we. How long before we will finally accept that? Today I must either become peace or stop singing, so I’m practicing what I preach, I’m cleaning my mental closet, replacing my fear-based beliefs with acceptance, respect, affection, and support. -Let peace begin with me.

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