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A 50-day Expansion - Easter to Pentecost

Throughout the centuries, there has been a Christian tradition of celebrating the 50 days between Easter (April 9) and the feast of Pentecost (May 28) as Easter Season. It parallels the celebration of the Passover (which began the exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt) to the feast of Shavuot (when Moses received the 10 commandments.) In both stories, something remarkable takes place when one leads the way (Jesus resurrects, Moses receives the commandments), and it is followed by a transformation of everyone – Jesus’s community received the Holy Spirit in a powerful new way, and Moses’s community received guidance for healthy living with divine principles.

Our Unity of Bellingham community entered our Easter after a powerful Lenten “letting go” process, and celebrated Easter’s transformation and possibility. But this process is not over yet! (Actually, it’s never over, the process just spirals us into new depth and profundity to explore.) What follows is the question this season asks of us– How do we each use our own individual expanding soul upliftment as an opportunity to uplift our whole Unity community and all whom we serve?

We are all called to invite each other home to our souls, to our sacred Selves. As we move toward Pentecost Sunday, let’s share with others our recognition of their divine goodness, the beauty of this living Earth, the truth of our evolutionary becoming, and the joy of the Sacred that is unfolding in marvelous ways for all! Let’s love the people and events showing up for us. Life is here FOR us, never against us – let’s share this adventure.

Blessings –

Rev. Frank

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