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Wednesday Spiritual Series

Each of these classes and workshops are scheduled and can be "Subject to Change". There is also a cost and or love offering.

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Birthing a Greater Reality, A Guide to Conscious Evolution
Fall 2023 Minister’s Class.
A six-week course: Oct 4, 18, 25,

and Nov 1,8,15


Unity Minister Robert Brumet’s book guides us into a deep exploration of the evolution of our consciousness. Rev. Brumet is a leader in our Unity movement and has provided an awesome book of practical applications for evolving into our Wholeness. If you are ready to push your limits of understanding on forgiveness, shadow work, suffering, paradox, meditation, and the path of Waking Up, then this is an appropriate class for you. Join us and give yourself the blessing of some to really go deep with the profound questions of “who am I”, and “where am I going as a conscious evolutionary”?

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