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Wednesday Spiritual Series

Each of these classes and workshops are scheduled and can be "Subject to Change". There is also a cost and or love offering.

June 14 - July 19                                     Brenne Brown Book Study  - Braving the Wilderness

                                                                  Facilitated by Jana Koshinz

                                                                  Cost: $75.00 includes book

                                                                  Brene Brown says “True belonging doesn’t require us to                                                                              change who we are, it requires us to be who we are.”                                                                                  Brene argues that we are experiencing a spiritual crisis in                                                                            disconnection.  She has four practices to help bring us                                                                                back to true belonging.

                                                                 Come take a deep dive with me and lets find true belonging                                                                         and connection together.

August 2 - September 13                        The Gospel of Luke - Discussion

October 4 - November 22                        Birthing Greater Reality, Guide for Conscious Evolution

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