Happy Holidays, dear ones!

December 6, 2018

December 2018



So our beautiful year winds down in this last month, to be gathered into our hearts and put to rest. What a full year it has been; one of renewal and rebirth, of great loss and deep sorrow, of laughter and delight, a year in which many of us have finally learned to surrender to Truth and thereby experience the abundance of joy and wisdom that wells up into us from that great, swelling, surging sea of Holy Spirit.  


Even in our grief, we have found a new strength and new self-awakening. For that must be the purpose of seasons, to awaken us to newer, deeper truths. Do not be alone in these dark nights and frosty days - the human family was designed to huddle together now and build new relationships. We need each other.  We need love and support for the deep unfolding of our souls. I know without your love, without your support, the work I do could not happen. Reach out to that person you haven’t connected with in a while with a phone call or an email or note. While standing in the checkout line simply share a smile.  

Let’s keep our hearth-lights and our heart-lights glowing, warming each other with our love.

Joyous holidays to you, my dear family!

Brother Bob


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