Truth is What is!

April 30, 2019

Jesus often said, “I and the Father are one.” Then, since everything is God—Jesus was actually saying, “I am being one with What Is.” Only when we are flowing in the Grace of that Oneness can we feel the pain of loss, disappointment, illness or injury without also suffering.

Suffering does not even exist except as in resistance to What Is. When pain seems beyond our control, it scares us and we push back against it and then we suffer because we are not one with our pain–one with what is! Suffering is a reminder to get back into truth - into What Is. 

Yes, we must alleviate pain whenever and however we can. And yet there are times when pain can’t be relieved, and we must let it be. Then our focus must be to prevent suffering - our emotional reaction to pain.

Joy is a constant state of being for enlightened people; they may have pain but they do not suffer. So here’s our lesson: when in pain, deal with the pain, and when suffering, get rid of it by focusing on joy.

How to increase joy?

  1. By inhaling gratitude as a deep state of being.

  2. Through self-forgiveness—suffering is often self-punishment.

  3. By expressing personal values — touching someone’s life with your heart and letting their love heal you.

You deserve unlimited joy; claim it for all of us now!

Blessings in Love and Gratitude,

Your Brother Bob

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