Created Equal

July 18, 2019

I can remember how much I looked forward to the 4th of July as a child. It was all noise and wonder. In later years I loved getting the fireworks for the children and having our own loud noise and wonder program.


Things have changed over the years. Now I think about the about Independence Day in a very different way. I think of the war with the British that split families down the middle and caused so much suffering on both sides.


I think about how serendipitous it was that we won in 1783 because of the help of the French monarch who was our sworn enemy in 1763.


I think about our founding fathers who were mostly landed gentry, some of the most notable slave owners, and others well to do business people. The freedom we celebrated in 1783 was actually only the freedom of the well to do. Many people living in the newly minted United States were not freed. The poor, the slaves, the native Americans, the bonded servants, non-Christians, or non-white people continued as they were under British or there conditions got even  worse

for them.


I like to think as the 4th of July arrives that we endeavor to to live up to the words in our Constitution that says “All men (people) are created equal.” I believe that by advancing the freedom of others we can make our world a much better place in the future. 


Thanks for reading,


Peace and Love,


Kelly's Husband

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