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March 25, 2020


March 25, 2020 

During this pandemic it’s so easy to conjure fantasies of  how imperiled we are. However, that’s imagination isn’t it? -Not truth.  In reality,  if we do as advised, our chance of catching any disease at all; even a cold or the flu is greatly reduced. Rather than being more at risk then, we have actually become safer. And if our prayers for others are to have value, they must come from a place of hope and faith; so, we must stay positive in our attitudes. 
Are you going to our website each day to get your Daily Thought? Are you watching last week’s and the other positive videos there?  
Here's a suggestion to stay in the Light while alone—let’s recruit one or more phone-buddies who are willing to go watch certain videos and then discuss them. This can be a wonderful time for companionship and personal growth. If you need support getting to those videos we have online, just ask and we’ll happily help.   

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