Lessons Learned

May 8, 2020


A marine biologist placed a shark in a tank along with several small fish.

As expected, the shark ate every single fish.

The marine biologist then inserted a glass panel to create two sections; put the shark in one section and fish in the other.

The shark quickly attacked but bounced off the glass. It kept attacking and bouncing off until it gave up.

The experiment was repeated dozens of times over the next weeks. Gradually the shark became less aggressive until eventually, it stopped attacking altogether.

Then the biologist removed the glass, but still the shark did not attack—it had been trained to believe there was a barrier between it and the fish.

We are like the shark, aren’t we? We strove to achieve something precious to us and after failing repeatedly, came to believe a barrier stood between us and our dreams. There was no barrier but in our minds. Each failure was, in fact, a necessary step bringing us closer to success. -Unless we gave up.

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