Stay Strong

May 21, 2020


Acceptance is saying yes to reality, to truth. It is the first step in becoming a creator. Unless we are accepting this reality, we are rejecting it, denying what is. The strongest trees, the ones that survive hurricanes are those that bend before the wind, accept and become one with its force thereby diminishing its power to destroy them. Those that will not bend, -they break. Like those trees, my rigidness makes me weak and will eventually take me out of the game.
We are now in a time harsher than we’ve ever known, with hundreds of thousands dying and millions more suffering. This is real—this is truth; this is what is. If we are to thrive and become stronger, our first step must be to stop resisting this truth and to accept it while trusting our inner-selves and staying grounded in faith. My friend, we are 7500 generations tough and we shall thrive by accepting and bending and relying on our strong minds and spirits to guide us home.

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