We are blessed to have

Rev. Julie Montague as our guest speaker on

August 9, 2020

"Scars To Stars"

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Dear USC & Friends,

Bob and Mary Trask are leaving Unity Spiritual Center to move into a
new phase of their lives. They came to the Unity Spiritual Center six
years ago to satisfy Unity’s ministerial search. They were gratified by
the congregation’s warm and loving welcome. Brother Bob incorporated
his decades of spiritual teaching and his personal quest for truth into his
Sunday sermons and the many workshops he offered here at USC. He
taught us, through the use of humor and common sense, to erase self doubt
and anything that darkened our magnificence. Meditation,
forgiveness and love were common themes. Of Brother Bob’s many
classes, a favorite was The Triangle, a practical model for creating
powerful and meaningful lives. His support of USC community service
work made for a great partnership with Mary. Her background of working
with volunteers in community service plus her enthusiasm and strong
work ethic strengthened Unity’s Outreach and its Movers and Shakers
programs. As Bob, Mary and their daughter, Chauncey, continue on their
path; we thank them for their service and wish them well. We have been
blessed by their presence and hold only the highest vision for their

USC Board of Directors


From Bob and Mary


Dear Unity Family & Friends,

As Mary and I look back over these last 6 years, we are filled with gratitude for the opportunity to serve you. We have grown in wisdom and joy and our hearts are filled with appreciation for your friendship and support. You have touched our lives beyond words and have truly become family to us. As we all continue our divine paths, may we always trust that inner voice – the holy whisper of Great Spirit that says to us. All is Good. All is God and All is Well. 

Mary and I affirm that each of you live in love and deep peace always and that every day you know what a gift you are to the world and to our lives. 

In gratitude and love,

Brother Bob and Mary Trask

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