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Telling our Stories!

Story Telling
Workshop & Sharing

Saturday August 17, 2024

 3:00-5:00 – Workshop

 5:00-6:15 - Food & Drinks

 6:30-8:00 - Participant Storytelling

Maximum Participants: 30 Adults 
Cost: $40 to attend workshop


Storytelling Workshop with Brian Flowers

Humans are storytelling critters. Storytelling is our birthright, and everyone can tell a story.  Join professional storyteller, Brian Flowers for an afternoon workshop where we will learn the tools to find, develop, and tell stories that engage our listeners, draw them in, and take them on a riveting journey.

The workshop culminates in a performance where eight to ten students get to take the stage and entertain an audience with their freshly polished stories.

Brian has a degree in storytelling and has performed in front of hundreds of audiences. He has taught storytelling workshops for folks aged nine to ninety and loves watching peoples’ humanity blossom into stories well told. If you want to hold people’s attention at parties, if you want to up you dating game, if you want to give your children or grandchildren the gift of your attention and words, if you want to take a stage and hold an audience in the palm of your hand, if you are a human being, this workshop is for you.

Love offering for those attending storytelling part of the evening.

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