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Earth Care

Our EarthCare team is supporting the integration of an earth-oriented spirituality into our ministry. We are committed to discovering what Spirit calls us to do to care and love our Sacred Earth home.

This group meets the 2nd Sunday of each month after services.

Unity of Bellingham's Earth Care Covenant

May 2022

We affirm the Oneness of all Beings in the Kosmos as we each manifest in our own unique and beautiful way to be on purpose to Spirit's calling. We acknowledge the interconnectedness and interbeing of all creation, and commit to living and acting in harmony with this Oneness in all ways, reverently loving Mother Earth and the web of all existence. 

We commit to living sustainably and healthfully in all ways, growing in our consciousness of care, and showing up respectful to Earth and to all Beings. Both personally and as a community, we say YES to the vibrancy of the planet and the evolving good of all creation. 

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