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Vision and Mission

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As a joyful, evolving, and spiritually conscious community, Unity of Bellingham celebrates the uniqueness of everyone, recognizing and welcoming each person as a beautiful expression of the One.  Being inclusive and nondiscriminatory, we acknowledge the Divine Presence in ALL life, and honor their positive presence, blessing and contribution in our world.

Diversity and Inclusivity Statement 


Individually and collectively, we uplift our lives, and the lives and consciousness of our community and the world, aligning with God's Spirit and allowing for all good to manifest.


We are a joyful, evolving Spiritual Community committed to spiritual practices, compassionate service, and living on purpose.

  • Spiritual Practices include affirmative prayer, mindfulness meditation, artful creativity, healing and wholeness activities, sacred texts and ancient wisdom study, and incorporation of Unity and new thought teachings.

  • Compassionate Service is to: each other in all stages of life - children to elders; the wider community; and all life of Mother Earth. We inspire our congregants to be service leaders.

  • We live on purpose as we remain attuned to the guidance of Spirit and joy in our lives, and by loving others and our world in our daily actions.

Our Core Values and Focus

  • Spiritual Awakening - We harmonize with the Divine to live through us and guide us, deepening our spiritual practices.

  • Peace on Earth - We know that it "begins with me", and we dedicate ourselves to cultivating peaceful hearts.

  • Transformation and Healing - We offer prayer and spiritual tools for the healing of all people, all living things, and our planet.

  • Love expressing - We extend unconditional positive regard for ourselves and all beings.

  • Going out and expressing joy - We stay open to Spirit's guidance to be light bearers for our community in service, with kindness, and to inspire.

  • Embracing the Divine in our Mother Earth - We see God's grandeur expressing in all life, including our local whales, eagles, salmon, and other animals and the ecosystem. 

  • Maintaining an integral view - We are inclusive of the many paths to God, the multitude of human expressions, and the unfolding of consciousness.

  • Abundance - We celebrate God as the Source of infinite good in our lives and we stay open and grateful for all that we receive in so many amazing ways. 

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