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Rev. Frank's Christmas Letter, 2022

Updated: Apr 1

As Christmas approaches, we recall the birth of our beloved way shower, Jesus. We experience Jesus as our enlightened master teacher who expressed the fullness of the Christ potential, demonstrating how we too might live into expanded consciousness. We are grateful for his teaching, practices and life expression that call us to wake up to our own Christ resonance. When we celebrate Christmas, we can experience Peace knowing the truth of the Christ of ourselves, in assisting others (by raising our own sacred vibration) in their journeys of realization, and in expressing unity consciousness.

The Christmas story in Scripture also celebrates Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth, and others that followed an inner spiritual knowing, and took courageous steps in faith to allow awakening Christ energy to be nurtured and brought forward. May we all be as courageous as these examples in our own lives and relationships, and by doing so, enhance a global community that is leaving behind energies of despair, separation, and fear, and moving to higher vibrations of Faith, Peace, Love and Joy.

With renewed Christmas energy, let’s deepen our spiritual practices, embrace compassionate service, and be in harmony with the callings of our I Am Christ consciousness. The entire cosmos is encouraging us, Love abounds, and exciting possibilities are at hand!

Merry Christmas Unity of Bellingham, I celebrate and behold the Christ in YOU!!

Blessings, Peace and Good -

Rev. Frank Castro-Wehr

Sr. Minister

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