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My Journey to Unity

I first walked into Bellingham Unity with my mother, Eunice, after several years of her requesting I join her some Sundays. Retrospectively, I realize she did not ask any of my siblings to come, just Jane and I. She knew it was a good fit for us, and she was right. I've always known she was my first spiritual teacher.

My journey to Unity was long and circuitous. Raised Baptist, I left the church at 19, started a yoga practice in my 20's, meditated through my 30's under the guidance of a 27th generation Taslagi (Cherokee) teacher who introduced me to Tibetan Buddhist Rinpoche's. That prepared me for perhaps the most important and impactful spiritual work...parenting through my 40's...does that ever end...Sometimes it does in divorce! Nineteen years of relationship that created living manifestations of itself walking and talking to remind you of the lessons you are still working on. The breakdown of ones primary relationships is tough enough, but when kids are part of the mix....multiple dimensions of awareness seem to have an endless capacity for pain. I watched so many friends become bitter and closed off in similar situations. I knew I couldn't go there. I decided to use the experience to open my heart more. Tears and forgiveness, endless forgiveness, became my new practice. I also sang a lot, which brought great joy into my life.

After the sun rose again I was blessed with my goddess Jane. Through our 50's we sought out books on growth, loved each other, and the seeds were germinating for my mom's nudge to attend Unity. In my sixty's, I finally walked in and immediately loved the expanse of trees behind the platform, but I wasn't ready to "go to church" yet. It took some time. We got involved in events, started volunteering, and I was won over by the affirmative, uplifting, and supportive, atmosphere fostered by Unity's principles. I was in tears when the circle song was sung the first time I was there. It moves me to this day. There is such a wonderfully diverse group of people from all different spiritual traditions at Unity. It is delightfully eclectic. A land of spiritual refugees finding serenity, and wholeness promised, but somehow missing before. Associating with Rev. Frank, taking classes with him, being with Unity community continues to nourish spiritual growth and a wonderful sense of connectedness with the world at large.

Jim Fackler

Unity Board President

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