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A Deep Breath....and relax

FIRST: A deep breath...........and relax.

I love the way Unity starts discussions, prayers, meditations, services and counseling.

Unity has been a part of my life, long before I understood It's deeper principles. In my childhood, The Daily Word was read at breakfast and sometimes discussed at dinner. Prayers were said at bedtime. The Presence of God was emphasized, but fortunately the dogma of religion was not. We were encouraged to cultivate a personal relationship with God the Good Omnipotent.

Since then, my spiritual journey has seemed a long and winding road of detours, delays, openings, investigations, creations and de-creations. I joined a Baptist Church in High School and backslid all through college. In Viet Nam I continually read the bible without understanding it, believing that there was something in it that I must understand...but wasn't getting. In the mid 80's I prayed for teachers and was rewarded with Bible Scholars and Greek Scholars and Pete Rhea. I began to see the efficacy of the authority of Scripture, laid out as Promises of God and Truths I could appropriate, depend on, and live by. I'm sure I must have irritated Pete with my constant questioning and my quest for the deeper meanings of the Fillmore texts.

Over the years at Unity of Bellingham there have been a variety of teachings about Life and living. All of which have been useful to many for encouragement and healing. Unity of Bellingham has provided a safe place for those of us that have been displaced by dogmatic religion and the anthropomorphic, patristic language of the writers of the bible. Who could blame us for retreating from guilt and condemnation? However, I feel that "the baby" some of us have thrown out with the bath water, is the very Power of Faith, gained by understanding and living from the teachings of Jesus. That Faith has kept me alive when certain death seemed the inevitable outcome. That faith brought me full circle back to Unity. That faith continues to draw to me all the elements that , for me and my house, make "heaven on earth."

For me, the Unity teachings continue to evolve from "the sincere milk," to a more nourishing and useful understanding of the "embodiment" of the I AM Consciousness in me, in you, in all life. My (our) Christ Consciousness out pictures the Mind and Will of The Divine...the same yesterday, today and yes, forever. Dependable, repeatable, complete, connected.

The Fillmore's, along with many other New Thought ministers have reflected the deeper meanings and uses of Christ Consciousness to bring about the telos, the goal which for me, is summed up in Unity's founding scripture in 1Colossians 1:27 "...Christ in you, the hope of Glory." That is: God's anointing in you, empowering you to do what the Master did...and more: Heal the sick, raise the dead, make lame legs walk. Each of us has sick, dead and lame moments in our lives that require a faith more powerful than circumstance.

Today, I am delighted to see these meanings being brought out in the Unity Worldwide movement and especially in our Unity of Bellingham congregational family. I love you! I bless you! And I behold the Christ in you!

Another deep breath

And relax...

In Joyous Expectancy, And Grateful Acknowledgement...And So It Is!

In Love,

George Rounthwaite

Board Director

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