Words from the Board

My Unity Story

I found Unity of Bellingham in 1989. I was a new mom, in a new town and my husband and I started a new business. The business lasted 20 years, the husband lasted 28 years and I'm still as much in love with my daughter as the day she was born.

I have had the fortune to hold many positions and opportunities at Unity one of them being on the board for 14 years. I have dearly loved being able to serve Unity of Bellingham in this unique way. You get to see another side of Unity church and I have always said being on the board is like motherhood, you give birth to ideas and see where they go. I have grown so much with my experience of being on the different boards over the years and am so excited to have a new growth opportunity. I'm grateful for the good work and prayers that has allowed Unity of Bellingham to arrive at this point in time. I feel blessed to serve with Reverend Frank and see where these new adventures take us.

In love and gratitude,

Jana Koshinz


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