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New Opportunity

My first introduction to Unity was in 2004 in North Spokane, WA. The message touched the depth of my soul, realizing THIS is what I have longed for in my heart of hearts without knowing it existed. The term ‘metaphysics’ was new to me and the practical messages for daily living resonated immediately. My heart was moved to learn more and so my journey ‘home’ began. Soon after becoming a member, the Youth Director asked if the children’s program interested me? Indeed it did, and from that point forward being a part of the youth program was inspiring. The weekend teacher training held in Goldbar, WA each January became a part of my learning experience. In 2007 my move to Bellingham, WA was like being spring boarded into an entirely new life. Leaving a religion and marriage of 32 years, it was as though I had wings of an eagle and all the colors of the rainbow, stars in the heavens, and the sun's beams, shone and sparkled on an entirely new level. The opportunity to be involved in the Youth and Family Ministry at Unity of Bellingham allowed me to attend the youth camps and witness the transformation of so many young people to come home to who they really are, who they are here to BE, and all they are Becoming. A gift I cherish. Additionally, being a member of the Board of Directors affords me the opportunity to see the inner workings of our Unity Community from the inside out, as well as be an integral part of holding the space for our highest and best good, individually, and as a family of faith.

RoseMarie Longmire

Unity Board Secretary

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