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Words from the Board

I moved to Washington in 2019, shortly before COVID. Leaving Austin, Texas and the things I loved was a heart wrenching decision, but I was feeling lead by GOD that I needed to be here. I served as a Prayer Chaplain and Animal Chaplin for Unity Church of the Hills for three years and I was a native Texas wildlife rehabilitator specializing in skunks for All Things Wild for five years. Leaving my spiritual home and animals was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do and knew I needed two unnegotiable things moving here, Unity and animals.

Although I am still in limbo on exactly what GOD's plan of moving me sight unseen and alone to Bellingham is, being asked to serve on the board feels like a step in the right direction towards figuring that out. There are so many opportunities that have been presented to me at Unity of Bellingham with the loving path that Rev. Frank is walking with us.

For me, being able to share my love of prayer and connection with animals is my heart. I wait in faith while I sit in silence being open to all that is mine to do. Being a part of the Unity of Bellingham family and being able to serve keeps my heart beating. For that I am eternally grateful.

LM Sharron


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